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Why Not?

Here are a few excellent reasons why creating insecure software is a Very Bad Idea.

It’s Expensive

Company A is releasing a web application pilot. It is a fairly complex B2C app with payment framework integration, a scalable cloud deployment and multiple user profile centric features.

By examining team metrics, the Dev Lead quickly learns that it costs over x30 more to fix any single vulnerability in Production versus while in the Architecture phase.  

It’s Risky

Company A wanted to cut some short-term costs and did not actively invest in fixing a number of critical security vulnerabilities.


A few months later they get approached by a security researcher who discovered that sensitive data flowing through the app was automatically decrypted when retrieved, allowing an SQL injection flaw to browse credit card numbers in clear text.


Unfortunately, she wasn’t the first to discover this and litigation follows from angry customers after a very public breach.

The word LAWSUIT, spelt with wooden lett

It Can Put You Out Of Business

Competitors aren’t about to let such a fantastic opportunity pass by and double down on marketing, leveraging the unfortunate breach in their messaging.


Struggling to survive among leaving customers, departing employees, rising litigation costs, regulatory fines and increased auditory scrutiny, Company A has no choice but to first downsize and then close doors altogether.


So...why do you keep doing it?

Enroll your dev team in our interactive full day Secure Coding Workshop

We'll come to your office and dedicate a full day to walk up to 20 of your team members through all aspects of secure application development - from lifecycle management, to fixing over 10 major types of vulnerabilities and automating security using both open-source and commercial tools.

You get:

  • 3 professional instructors

  • Over 7 hours of training

  • Over 10 hands-on exercises

  • Over 100 slides packed with useful info

  • Certificate of completion for every attendee

...and much more. We don't drop off the map after the session either and follow up with your team to make sure our work tangibly improved your secure application development process.

Let us sit down with you and walk through what's included in the workshop, find out if it's a right fit for your team and decide on next steps.
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